Good Night Wishes : Best 77+ Good Night quotes for Everyone 2019 (Updated)

Night cannot be good without the right mood so we are here with the best Collection of good night wishes and quotes of 2019.

Many times people underestimate the role of “good night” wishes. Goodnight Phrases include only two simple words, when you are troubled or worried by something, even then are able to calm the night! When you do not have anybody to greet you good luck, do not be disappointed at once. Enjoy free Good Night Pictures !

The latest ideas of funny GD NGT images have been collected from the entire internet, whose purpose is to give you a good night’s good luck! A great choice of good night’s images will satisfy all your needs. Bright images with beautiful bouquets of flowers are pleasant to see both girls and boys. Images with Good Night wishes and quotes.

It is important to take good care of your relatives, friends and loved ones by wishing good night. They wait not only one day but every day your good night’s messages! Sending a good n8 picture for someone is not a new one, but still an efficient idea!

Goodnight Sms is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Here we have a huge selection of quotes that will definitely put a smile on anyone who reads them.

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Sweet Good Night Wishes

good night wishes

Good night Everyone!

There are only 2 words I have for u. Lovely night!

Good night is just an idea, If you think positively, you will sleep well;And, if not you would think or dwell,choice is yours,Good night and sleep tight!

Keep Smiling and enjoy deep sleep good night!

Your sweet time of today is ending, Forget bad events, Remember the beautiful moments, To refresh your mind wish you a sweet sleep. good night!

DEFRENDS between horror ND BEAUTIFUL NIGHT .. Have a beautiful night, when u hug ur teddy bear and sleep, But horror is when This hug u back !! Gd night!

True people and well-wishers in our lives are like stars who constantly shine.But we often fail to see them until they come into a dark life.good night!

Wh¡le the stars make their own way.
I w¡sh to be with you in the dréam world. Good night

Time 4 all sleepy heads to turn off the stairs climb the curtains & close the lights.Gd Night

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and see a sweet dream. Good night!

sweet dreams pictures good night

The lights are closed, the time to sleep, the good night for you, you can dream the most wonderful. Have a restful night. 

Gd Night and sleep fast, so that I can come to meet u in your dream like a super hero !!!!

The stars are bright, turn the light off, I wish you a sweet and good night.

Because of u, the world is a better place. Good night and sweet dreams.

May prayers bring you wonderful dreams and a happy night’s sleep. Have a Good Night!

May my hands will reach you and greet you good night so that you can see sweet dreams and sleep tight.

Gd Night, sweet dreams and know that I care and thinking about you.

Good Night Quotes

I have many things to be grateful for it and one of them is you. sleep well.

Even though we are different, please know that I take you in my heart. Good Night.

All stars in the sky can brighten up your life every day and every night. Good Night!

There are only 2 words I have for u. Lovely night!

Good Night! Sleep tight! Dream of me with all ur might!

The moon that shines to night is as beautiful as ur smile. Keep the smile as you sleep. Sleep good!

love is music, Music is love, music is life, and I love my life.Good Night.

Sleep in peace to night, God is bigger than anything u will face tomorrow. Gd Night!

Gd night, sleep tight! I willbe dreaming of u with all my might

To night, I have 3 things for you! Best night to you! Awesome dreams! Sleep well!

Twinkling stars,Drooping eyes,All are saying to u, Good Night!

Everyday I want my dreams to come true. Then I remembered that I am now with you..Good Night!

Dream is the best moment of the night. So stop working. Put on your pajamas and go to bed. Chase those dreams. Good Night!

good night wishesGood Night

A short beautiful sms for this beautiful night…….Whatever ,just don’t care..!! Good Night

I have something big and warm for you to night. It is not what you are thinking, u green-minded person. It is my big warm hug saying good night to you!

Shut down your Emotions & Open up your Hopes …and let blessings of peace easily come to embrace ur dreams……!! Good Night

ni8 is to see the dreams and day is to make them true. So it is good to go to sleep now and see dreams. Good Night!

Before u fall asleep everyday, say something positive to yourself. Good Night

Go go good on the bed, in the night, friend I wanna say Gd night

Inspirational Good Night Wishes

good night wishes

The best part of sleeping is that it allows you to see anything of dreams. Sleep well dear. Good Night

See a wonderful dream tonight, Dreams turn into reality, What you see at tonight, Can happen tomorrow, So be positive, Good Night!

God guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest …
Do not show everything at once …But to be safe enough gives the light for the next step …Good Night

Since your eyes are looking tired, so let your eyes embrace each other for a few hours.There can be a very pleasant journey in the world of your dreams. Good Night

The bést nights aré usually unplanned random and spontaneous. GD nighT

Leave your worries and frustrations behind. As soon as the sun rises in the morning, it arises with new hopes, dreams, and determination. Good Night.

good night wishesGd Ngt Pics to Have Wonderful Dreams

Today is the time to think about all the good things you have done. Take lessons from your mistakes and expect better tomorrow. Wish you a Good Night!

You owe it to yourself to end the day with good ideas. To day, you got up and did what you could. Tomorrow is another new beginning, it does not make any difference. Good Night.

The stars and the moon arrive to greet you wish night. As you pass the night, the light of the moon gives direction to your dreams. Good Night.

Good night sleep tight. I will be dreaming ofu with all my might. Good Night.

“Each nit, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next mrng, when I wake up, I am réborn.” – Mahatma Gandhi

May you dream of beautiful things and to find them in real life. Good Night.

Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how difficult things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better. Good Night

Oneday, we will never have to say good bye, only Good Night.

good night wishesGood night quotes and images


The day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night. Tomorrow comes with full new light. Good Night.

Always end the day with positive thinking. No matter how difficult things were, yesterday it was a new opportunity to improve it. Good Night

Just believe in ur dreams. Good Night

Dear sleép, I know we had problems when I was youngér.. But now I love u. Good Night!

Sleep is the best meditation.

Go to sleep in peace. God is awake. Good Night

For today the internet is over. sleep well. Good Night

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Funny Good Night Quotes

good night wishes


The sun will not be red,
The sea will not be blue,
I wouldn’t be happy,
Without bothering you!
Good Night

The smiling is the best credit card.
Becoz it is accepted throughout the world,
Makes everyone happy.
Good Night

Sometimes I’m stupid, but do not ever think that I do not care. No problem, for you, I will always be. Good Night.

If you do not sleep and if you have nightmares, call me. I’ll kick the vibrant day of all your nightmares. Good Night.

Hey, Night is made for rest, not for text So close your cell phone and go into the dream world. Good Night.

Hi, will you meet me tonight in my dreams? But first tuck me in. Good Night.

You will be dreaming about me. Good Night

Did you know that a good night wise is a great way to transition into sleep? So, why do not you send me something?

My sms is designed to drive away nightmares, so here is ur daily dose so that you have sweet dreams tonight.

Have a naughty,  dirty, spicy, sexy, juicy, racy, erotic, sweet dream. Just keep me out of it!

I miss you already, come back to bed and snuggle with me as long as you bring chocolates.

Gd night and sweet dreams, lollipops, and ice-cream, I am happy that you are on my team. Good ni8!

 I really appreciate ur friendship, but my favorite moment with you by far, is when u wish me Good Night! 🙂

I really wanted to find the right way to wish you a good night, but I can not, so … Gd night!

Good Night Wishes for Friends

Here is the best collection of good night wishes for friends. I hope you like this collection of  Good night wishes for friends.

Night, Good night, a dear friend! You sleep well!

A Journey of Love,
A journey of Dream,
A journey of Stars,
A Journey of Wisdom,
A Journey of Sleep,
Enjoy the Journey with
Lovely and Sweet Dreams
Good Night

Frnd, u make me smile! I hope you are sleeping while you are sleeping!

Wishing for happiness, comfort, and a Good Night!

Good Night, sleep tight, My friend!

cute good night quotes

friend! I Hope you dream of colorful and fabulous things! Good Night,

Gd night to a friend who is the best! 

Do not count what you have lost. Just see what u have now because the past never comes back, but sometimes the future u can give back lost things! Good Night.

Wish moon is always full and bright and you should always be cool and right. Whenever you go off the lights, remember that I wish you all the best … Good Night!

Good night my friends, pleasant dreams, sleep tight my friend, tomorrow may be sunny and bright and you can be full of happiness and success. Goodnight and sweet dreams my friend

good night photography images

Between one million yesterdays and one lakh tomorrow, today there is only one. And I will never let it pass without telling you – I’m thinking about you. have a Gd night.

Just as the night brightens the beauty of the moon so our friendship is the best in me. Good night my dear friend Have a great sleep

This day is over. But unlike the day, our friendship will neverend. Best night to you my Best friend!

Every day before I sleep, I thank God for giving gifts to a wonderful friend like you. Thanks for being part of my life. Wish you a beautiful night’s sleep. Gd night. sleep well.

When you sleep this night, I want that the stars will shine bright for you. Good Nightt my best friend, I will always love you.

If I was ever asked to repay back what your friendship means to me, I would never be able to get close. You are the bestthing that happened to me. Good night my dear friend

Cute Photos for a Good Night

I will always maintain our friendship. silver, Gold, and diamonds are a shame as compared to our friendship. I love you and always will. Sleep tight my dearest friend, my best friend, I cherish you forever.Good Night

Friends like you do not come along everyday. You put a spring in the way of life with my step. You are my strength and my support.

I am lucky because at the end of the end I can talk about you and see wonderful dreams. I wish I visit your dreams too. GoodNight My best friend.

I am so lucky because the most careful person of this universe is my bestfriend who care and understand me more than anybody else. You are my everything my best friend Gd night.

My dear friends will not be thoughtful about tomorrow because I will always have to correct the talk with you. Gd night my Dear friends.

good night wishesGood Night Wishes

Everynight is like a refresh button in our life. We sleep in the night and refresh you. Good ni8 friends.

Good night sleep well. I hope you sleep well and be energetic in the morning. Good Night My friend

Dear friend, when you are alone in this silent night, remember that I will always keep your hand. Good night my Dear friends

While you are having ur dreams to night, I wish that all of ur dreams will come true when tomorrow comes. Well, except those dreams that will make u famous, rich and good looking. Sleep well my frnd!

Our friendship is brighter than moonlight. Because the moon appears in the night only. But our friendship lasted 24 hours. Good Night friend

I am very thankful to my God. Because he gave me the most amazing person in the form of a friend. It’s you, dear, Goodnight friend

Good Night Wishes for GF BF(Lover) short Quotes:

here is the best collection of Good night wishes for bf gf(lovers) , i hope you will definalty love it.

♥ Open your heart, and close your eyes. It seems that my love has reached beyond the sky. Good Ni8

Good night for this sweet little dumpling, I hope she is having the best sleep & the sweetest dream. Gd Night!

You are the queen of my heart’s kingdom, and I hope that I am your king for the rest of our life.― Good Nit! My Love.!

Good night, my love, my prince, my everything. Sleep well and dream of your princess. ― Good Night!

You are sleeping now, and I am thinking about you. You are a wonderful person and a beautiful girl, I am really happy that I met you!  Good Night!

good night wishes

My lover, leave everything that you are doing right now. As I want you to sleep early in the night for your healthy life so that you follow my advice.Good Nit!

Wishing you  “good night” is not only for your Gd night but also for your sweet dreams.

Night Is a beautiful Gift, So Open The Gift By Closing Your Eyes You Will See The Another Wonderful World Waiting For u… Enjoy It With Sweet Dreams…! Gd Night!

Your face always makes my day better thanyou! Good Night!

good night wishesGood night images with love

I do not want to wake up in the mrng! Because you are in my dream last night. Good Nit!

My past will never haunt me me, as long as I have your beloved, Gd Night!

When I saw your face, my loneliness was found forever in divine .– Miss You ― Gd Night! Sweet Dream!

Baby u are on my mind daynight. I think of u I dream of you and I love u. You make my life so bright. Gd Night

Good night my sweetheart, tonight my dreams are filled with ur smile.

This Gd night message includes my sincerest prayer for u.Good night my love.

Shut ur eyes now. Stop reading this sms. I said shut ur eyes so I can kiss u, Good Night!

Good Night Wishes for GF BF(Lover) Long Big wishing Quotes

ur sweet voice to me like an angel‘s voice,
ur presence in my life like a heaven for me,
Without u I am nothing,
When you wish me sweetgood night ur voice like a melody for me
I love you babu Good ni8!

good night wishesBest Images with Good Night Wishes

NighT is SweeT,NighT is SilenT,NighT is QuieT,NighT is Calm..ßut Night is not compleTeWithout Wishing U GD nighT

One more day is over.
It’s nice to know that there’s someone
Who makes my day fulfilled and fun
Thank you for the Inspiration.
I am sending my warm hugs
As I wish my most sweet night for you.

Close your eyes and make a wish
Sending you my warm hug and kiss
Tonight you sleep tight
I wish you a Gd night

My only wish is to be with you
So my night will not be so blue
I couldn’t help but can draw a smile
while i’m thinking about you …….  Gd Night.

Night is sweety
Ni8 is dreamfull
Night is beautiful.
Night is silent.
Night is not complete
without wishing you.
Gd Night

Sometimes someone really says something
Small and it fits in the right
Empty place in your heart
Good Ni8

The day is going to end,
you know I do not pretend,
I am missing u even more this while,
U want to see a smile,
Gd Night and Sleep Well

I do not see dreams about you,
Because I can never sleep
thinking about U.
Sweet Good Ni8

Cute Photos for a Good Ni8

I know that U are the one,
Because when we are different then I think incomplete. I never want to be
without you
Gd Night Dear

Tonight Iam going to Sleep earlier
I want to see you a lot in your dream

Life had many sleepless nights
Never saw u in my sight,
My love is like sunlight
My love don’t fight,
Now Goodnight


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